GRASP MultiCam


2018-01-16-14-41-13 Bump space 4th floor Levine 163s95m2.4mindoorsno
2018-01-16-15-39-11 Levine with stairways314s227m5.4mindoorsno
2018-01-16-16-18-11 Main GRASP lab 403 Levine 253s89m0.94mindoorsno
2018-01-16-16-44-05 Levine main lab down to lobby 140s78m11.3mindoorsno
2018-01-16-16-49-56 Levine lobby into courtyard and back 223s166m3.93mindoorsno
2018-01-16-16-55-22 Levine bicycle racks 84s90m1.6moutdoorsno
2018-01-23-18-12-42 Main GRASP lab 403 Levine 272s129m0.66mindoorsno
2018-01-23-18-49-29 E-Cafe, Towne, Skirkanich, Moore, outdoors381s299m3.49min/outdoorsno
2018-01-29-14-49-52 Bump space Levine, out main entrance, back through courtyard549s475m13.3min/outdoorsno
2018-01-29-15-16-31 Bump space Levine, to basement lounges346s191m14mindoorsno
2018-01-29-15-57-26 Trees and shrubs near Towne Hall207s209m1.77moutdoorsno
2018-01-29-16-05-01 Trip around Hayden Hall235s224m2.8moutdoorsno
2018-01-29-16-10-40 Trip around Lerner Hall221s209m2.69moutdoorsno
2018-01-29-16-15-55 More trees and shrubs near Towne106s73m1.2moutdoorsno
2018-02-28-19-01-38 Double loop 5th floor Levine elevator50s98m2.2mindoorsno
2018-02-28-20-04-10 Main GRASP lab 403 Levine147s85m0.9mindoorsno
2018-03-02-08-06-10 Main GRASP lab 403 Levine249s118m0.7mindoorsno
2018-03-02-08-15-06 Corridor and room exploration Towne Hall247s239m0.7mindoorsno
2018-03-02-08-58-21 Bump space Levine up to kitchen 5th floor323s209m4.6mindoorsno
2018-04-26-16-13-29 Stairwell exploration Astra sensor at PERCH: 4th floor to lobby and back 136s 78m 8.99mindoorsno
2018-04-26-16-39-21 Exploration of Pennovation lobby with the Astra sensor.93s72m2.48mindoorsno
2018-04-26-16-41-39 Loop with the Astra sensor on first floor at Pennovation near lobby 87s 64m 1.31mindoorsno
2018-04-26-16-48-15 Testing the Astra outside of the Pennovation center 130s 123m 1.55mindoorsno
2018-05-23-18-58-52 Exploration in Building 227, starting 3rd floor, down to 2nd floor stairwell, not a loop! 84s 69m 4.71mindoorsno
2018-05-23-19-05-15 Exploration in Building 227, probably on 2nd or 3rd floor 77s 67m 1.22mindoorsno
2018-10-24-17-25-45 Short loop on the 2nd or 3rd floor of building 227. Poor lighting 215s 118m 1.35mindoorsno
2018-10-24-17-34-45 Loop on the 2nd or 3rd floor of building 227. Poor lighting, large odom drift 411s 279m 0.74mindoorsno
2018-10-25-18-11-30 Exploration of 4th floor of building 227 824s 685m 2.33mindoorsyes
2018-11-08-13-10-31 Exploration of 4th floor of building 227 939s 693m 1.58mindoorsyes
2018-11-08-13-33-05 Short loop on 4th floor of building 227 79s 51m 0.59mindoorsyes
2018-11-09-11-00-28 Exploration of short corridor on the 4th floor of building 227 222s 123m 0.55mindoorsyes
2018-11-09-11-34-55 Exploration of long corridor on the 4th floor of building 227 779s 610m 1.64mindoorsyes
Last updated on 7 Apr 2021