GRASP MultiCam



Exploration of 4th floor of building 227, with AprilTags present. Similar to sequence 2018-11-08-13-10-31, but with worse lighting. Explores bathrooms.
sensor rig: [Falcon 250, configuration 3](../../../../sensors#falcon_250_rig) location: [Building 227](../../../../locations/building_227)
duration: 824s
approx path length: 685maltitude difference: 2.33m
median/maximum velocity: 0.87 / 1.40 m/s median/maximum angular velocity: 0.40 / 2.15 rad/s
environment: indoorslighting: artificialtags: yes
rosbag with raw data (52Gb) tar file with calibration and launch files rosbag with odometry (135Mb)
rosbag with tagslam odometry (141Mb) rosbag with tag detections (3.2Mb)
Last updated on 7 Apr 2021